Cameron blends the old with the new, like no other community. Our rich history and preservation of our cultures and heritage has led us to our current prosperity and success. We hope that the history we are creating right now will be as magnificent as the past 150+ years.

Cameron was established as the permanent county seat of Milam County by the First State Legislature in May 1846. The town was named for Captain Ewen Cameron, a Scot Highlander prominent in the Texas Revolution and a member of the Mier Expedition during the war with Mexico. The town of Cameron was small village before Sam Houston liberated Texas in the Battle of San Jacinto. In 1881, the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railroad constructed a line through Cameron connecting the Gulf Coast with Fort Worth. Another railroad, the San Antonio and Aransas Pass was completed in 1890 increasing the population and adding impetus to the agricultural economy of Cameron and the surrounding territory.

A small town in the rich agricultural area of Milam County, Cameron was settled by diverse groups of pioneers in the 1840’s. It is not unusual to hear Czech, German and Spanish-mingled with distinctive Texas drawls-still being spoken by some of Cameron residents

Milam County, named for Texas patriot and independence fighter Ben Milam whose statue is on the courthouse grounds in historic downtown Cameron, was created in 1836 as one of the original 23 counties of Texas. The first settlers in Milam County were primarily from Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana, coming to the county in 1834.